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Mommy, wife, holistic health coach, nurse, friend, daughter, sister, Domestic Goddess, artist, and writer

Chinyere I am a mom and a "bliss seeker". After 3 years out of the work force and staying at home with my kids I realized how much I value the exchange of creativity and ideas among other women. I have come to see the "goddess" that exists in all of us and in my ongoing search for balance and bliss..I hope to connect and pass it on. If you enjoy this site..please pass it on and add it to your favorites! Thanks. If you would like to leave a comment, please click on the heading of the entry and post your will find the window at the bottom of the page/OR just comment at the bottom of the page. Enjoy your blissful life! Chinyere

 Worthy causes worth looking into

Footprints for Faith is a foundation started by a friend of mine in honor of her little girl Faith to raise awareness and create resources for families living with trisomy 13 .  As a mom, a friend and a nurse; I feel this is tremendously worthwhile and valuable to pass on..Get involved, check it out, and take the oppurtunity to do more good!! 

 Quote of the Day- Please note that all quotes are MY stealing..remember that you reap what you sow

The true recipe for happiness...a postive attitude, support of family or friends, red wine and chocolate.!!!

Parenthood is like a rollercoaster..the same rules apply...try to get there early if you will optimize  the amount of time for fun, someone always pukes, at the end of the day there is a good chance that you will have a pounding headache, but overall it is all worth it and fun as hell !!!!

Laugh at life and learn to dance.  If you make a fool of yourself dancing..the laughter will come in handy




IF all else fails and your kids are off the wall.....Try baking/ bake cookies are a fast and easy project.  BUT THEY DO CONTAIN PEANUT BUTTER visit for a whole library of no bake recipes!

Scrapes and scratches- Tea tree oil is a great all natural antiseptic

SODA IMPOSTER...If they are crazy about the thought of soda, and you can't live with it..just mix their favorite juice with a little seltzer and funnel it into a clean empty water bottle...or buy a large 2 liter container of selter and fill half with their favotie juice.

Sandwich night If you are exhausted and do not want to order fast food..SANDWICHES are a healthy and fast alternative.  Put together a homeade soup in your croc pot  (in the morning) and serve it with a sandwich, or just a fabulous whole grain bread from a local bakery.....  Also flatbread sandwiches with grilled veggies (just chop and Grill) then place in your favorite flattbread, top with fat free sour cream or plain greek yogurt..mmmm

Wipes are the not just for the kids!!!!! they are great little spot cleaners for last minute mama cleaning (aka. mommy stains that you discover as you are on your way out the door

DRAWING IN THE TUBBY-this is a great and easy way to encourage their artistic side in the tubby.  You can always find colored barsoap for kids or non-toxic tubby crayons from crayola (made in the USA) 

Everyday Holiday

December 19, 2018
I have to tell you; I am astounded by the amount of people who seize the holiday season to show their wealth and prosperity; the amount of people who have the motivation of a politician during campaign season and get hung up on how much a gift was or how many gifts to give each person (the gift counters), and those who only make time for their circle (of loved ones) during holiday breaks.  The world would be so much better off if giving to others was a year round practice.  NOT something reserved for a few holidays of the year.  Why not celebrate small acts of kindness and generosity throughout 365 days instead of 15?  Have a picnic with "your person" or people every sunny day you can get.  Give flowers or pick flowers or hell even plant flowers for someone when they are alive and happy and don't wait for funerals, or valentine's day.  Share a shopping cart and don't get your quarter back.  Wake up and the first person you have thought of should be told "you know what..I opened my eyes and the first conscious thought I had was of you".   Make every day you can a holiday. Play hookie and take a day off for no other reason than to see someone or something that makes you happy or who you can bring happiness to.  Hold on to who and what makes your life better and let them know. Kahlil Gibran wrote “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”  Life is short and the experiences and you and the people in your life that make it vibrant and beautiful are only truly here for a whisper of time.  You never know when it will end or truthfully when it's beautiful and awesome spark actually begins. Follow your bliss everyday and embrace whatever love and happiness you may.  Many many blessings to you during every season. 



Finding something new

November 15, 2018
I have a question for you?  What do you do to keep growing and going as each year passes?  Do you have passions, pursuits, dreams that you continue to strive for; or have you let life get in the way of your bliss?  One of my passions is writing...and I'm a people person soooooo hence the But new interest peeps (insert drum roll) word! UKULELE.   Well I'm working on it and I am determined.  LOL However at my current level of expertise I sound like I'm stumbled on a bunch of mar...
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Nothing better than being their mom...memories and laughs

November 10, 2018
SO today's post is simply the sharing of a memory.  This is what it is like to be my son and for me to be their mom.  I'm so blessed.  I hope that reading the account of the conversation I had with my youngest child about 3 years ago makes you smile and laugh with tears of happiness like it did me.  #momofboys #gotmomshumor #laughterequalsloveandfreedom

2 separate exchanges in this house today...

Youngest Sloan: (knocking on the bedroom door) Mom..when are you coming downstairs? Can you draw my...

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Beautiful Dreary Day to celebrate.

November 8, 2018
Today is a beautifully dreary day.  This post isn't anything tremendously metaphysical or complicated.  Truthfully sometimes ya just gotta keep it simple. So today I kept it simple with stacking firewood, making some homemade mac and cheese and apple sauce, and I'm considering some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (but I have baked 3 batches of these quickly disappearing delights already this week).  It's one of those days that I remind myself to celebrate the simplistic things that can bring s...
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Wheel of Fortune

November 7, 2018
I voted.  Yesterday I voted.  Today I see the results of that election were not what I had hoped for or expected. So what about today, what about tomorrow?  What do you when the unexpected happens?  Life happens and most of it is a surprise but many of us feel totally put out when the surprise happens and there is no "back up plan".  Ha; I bet you were waiting for some wonderfully philosophical answer. Nope; I DO NOT HAVE IT!  I have this -TODAY is what happens.  Today you make a choice to ke...
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Gardens, Busy days, and lazy days....

November 6, 2018
Some days are busy and bright and new ideas come easily (the pen-or computer keys, seems to have a mind and flow of its own when I write).  Some days are dreary and drizzly; and ideas are slow, sludgy and get stuck.  What do you do for your sludgy slow days and what are you doing on the bright and busy ones?  IS there really a difference between the two?  I don't think there is.  Rain and sunlight can bring with them both inspiration and growth.  In fact you NEED both rain and sunshine to gr...
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November 5, 2018
Not a long post today.  It's a chilly fall day with a lot to do.  Tuesday (11/6) is a day to vote in our local elections.  Some may say that this process is pointless.  Some people have little faith in the power of one voice.  For what my two cents are worth; many have fought and died and bled and pleaded for the opportunity to exercise that voice.  The voices of many have great power and can change the world..but it starts with one.  I value and honor every person before me who sacrificed fo...
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November 2, 2018
So Fall is here.  Sweaters, firewood, campfires and cider.  For many it also represents isolation, cold, and struggle.  Which is it for you?  Once that question is answered; ask yourself another please?  What friends do you have for whom fall represents the latter?  If you find you have one or two or many; use this time of year as an opportunity to reach out with warmth and kindness, maybe bring that extra bit of stew or banana bread over and have even a 5 minute chat; take one extra along fo...
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May 30, 2018
I sit here on this beautiful “Summery” day and count my blessings.  Life has brought with it some major challenges of late. Now I could sit here and tell you about the ins and the outs.  The who, the what, the where, and the why.  I could explain or try to explain what choices led to personal adversity and what circumstances led to those poor choices.  I won’t.  The reason for this post is that I have recently been reminded that life brings with it bumps.  It’s never a smooth path of ...
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Happiness "incognito"

May 12, 2018
SO this week is a chaotic tornado of birthdays and big days for me and mine.  The truth is the whole month is!  It's nurse's week (This mama is also a registered nurse WOOT WOOT) at work; and our family is celebrating numerous birthdays. Two of my youngins, my own and my father's birthdays; oh YES and then there is Mother's Day!  I have to say that I should feel totally exhausted, and in many ways I do, but mostly I am thankful.  I'm happy I'm still topside of the ground, happy I have friend...
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**UPDATED Products October 2018

Nubian Heritage lotions, soaps, and shampoos.  These products smell amazing, are cruelty free, make your hair and skin feel like heaven and overall leave you feeling like a goddess. They are also moderately priced!  Check them out at



ThredUP!!  IT is the most amazing online thrift shop with a new to you flare!

Here are some fabulous shopping sites that let you stay a Chic Mama on a budget..

Ebay Ebay is a fabulous site for new and second hand goods  for you and the kids.  I am a Huge ANTHROPOLOGIE clothing fan...and so are alot of ebay sellers (hint hint).  Also ebay has a site devoted to fair trade and this is an excellent way to pass it on in a global way. To make sure that workers and artisans receive fair fees for their work.  It is definitely a good  karma site to encourage!!!

ETSY You will love this site which is devoted to handmade artisans.  It is a great site to find truly unique and earth friendly gifts.  It supports small businesses and independent artisans and is a great way to pass it on. You can seriously find anything on this site form beads, handmade pottery, to custom made dresses. It is great.

also both of these sites are seller friendly as well.  Meaning if you have something you make and want to sell, or need to make some extra money..this may be a good resource.

Family Products/super saver places to shop.

Shop Bulk whenever you can if you have a large family or any boys in the house lol!  Sam's Club is a great place to start.

Here are some fabuliscious mommy products I have found that are earth friendly and "finance-friendly" aswell.  I am a vegetarian mom and try my hardest to use products that will be respectful of the creatures we share our space with and of our planet as well.  

EO Products- visit them at these are great because they are gentle enough for the WHOLE family and NOT tested on animals.  They are also  Paraben free and certified organic. (my favorite: Grapefruit and Geranium)

Avalon organic lotions (my favorite is Grapefruit and Geranium)

Stonyfield Farm yogurt, regular and soy....

BPA free Nuby sippy cups..the kids love these

Morningstar Farms veggie crumbles...great vegetarian alternative to hamburg..that even my meat and potatoes husband will eat!!!

Tea Tree Oil.  This is an essential to any earth mamas cupboard.  It is a great and completely natural antiseptic (wonderful 1st aid essential).  It treats fungal infections better than any synthetic medication.  Make sure you do your research and buy a pure oil with no additives, from a reputable company and you read your warnings..even all natural remedies should be used with care.

Please keep checking back in the upcoming months we will be opening a shop featuring my handmade bags and other tidbits.

NEW I recently found a new product that I love for kids....Sinupret....research this is a fabulous immune support supplement.

Lisa Leonard have to check out these fabulous personalized jewelry pieces.  Especially with mother's day coming up!!!  Check it out at


Physician's formula organic bronzer..this bnronzer evens out your skin tone like the best and is made from all natural and mostly organic ingredients.  It is wonderful and is half the price of the big expensive brands..try'll like it. Plus it comes in a great compact!!!! -complete with mirror and brush