And soooo this would be the overdo and to the pint..part two!  The last time Ieft off I was commenting on all the new changes for our little family..but now i think it is time to take this in a new direction.  I was thinking today about inspiration and how it can be found in the most unsuspecting places.  I recently heard from an old friend whom I have not laid eyed on in atleast  8 years.  It occurred to me that I do not keep in touch as well as I would like to..with those in my life who have moved far away! gets busy..BUT perhaps something is wrong when we become 2 busy for life! So after realizing that I didn't know how much I missed my friend until she "REAPPEARED" and reminded me!!! I made the resolution to keep in touch better..and found inspiration in a very simple (but meaningful) reunion!  I was reminded of what is important..and I will remember!  Take care and follow your bliss..and I will keep in touch better with some new recipes and updates!