I voted.  Yesterday I voted.  Today I see the results of that election were not what I had hoped for or expected. So what about today, what about tomorrow?  What do you when the unexpected happens?  Life happens and most of it is a surprise but many of us feel totally put out when the surprise happens and there is no "back up plan".  Ha; I bet you were waiting for some wonderfully philosophical answer. Nope; I DO NOT HAVE IT!  I have this -TODAY is what happens.  Today you make a choice to keep on and to move forward, to embrace the present, brace yourself for the future (just in case) and learn from yesterday.  So when the results you hope for don't happen, look at what assets you have in the present, if you feel you have nothing take a deep breath and feel the air in your lungs; there is your potential.  When inevitably the rollercoaster rolls back to the pinnacle of the track, the wheel of fortune turns for you again and the opportunity for happiness and fulfillment are at your door; if you've been breathing, the blood will be flowing to your brain, you will be on your feet and you will be READY to grab that happiness and rise again.  A lesson or a disappointment from yesterday can be fuel for future success.  Until the wheel turns in your direction again, while you wait, while the jury is out...breathe, move, and create (and learn patience)!  If it is meant to be...it will be yours...you just have to listen, breathe, and move with your soul forward..forward..forward.