So this blog started as a way to connect to other moms and an outlet for  my writer's mind and a healer's heart.  As you look at this new chapter I hope you'll bare with me as we have evolved and continue to do so.  I no longer have little ones using sippy cups and play dates no longer include trips to the park but the SKATE park or the mountain.  My scope as mama has broadened and only gotten better with each year.  The then preschoolers are now headed to the teens and my then active soccer playing boy is now a college student!  Some things remain the same; the house is filled with boy energy and there are always at least 3-4 growing kids running through here at a time!  Lol and I also the family has expanded and changed in numerous ways. I hope you check in from time to time and subscribe. Life is good, always changing, and hopefully growing.  Be kind even when you don't think it counts.  It always does.  Have a blessed day.