Not a long post today.  It's a chilly fall day with a lot to do.  Tuesday (11/6) is a day to vote in our local elections.  Some may say that this process is pointless.  Some people have little faith in the power of one voice.  For what my two cents are worth; many have fought and died and bled and pleaded for the opportunity to exercise that voice.  The voices of many have great power and can change the world..but it starts with one.  I value and honor every person before me who sacrificed for my ability to be heard; to vote, and to be a part of the moveable world around me.  So I hope that whomever you are, you go and vote; it is one of many ways to be the change you seek to see in the world.  A vote is a voice that sings a song for change and progress, that becomes part of the chorus of our evolution as a nation-whether we move forward or step back largely depends on you. Much love, many blessings, and lots of hope for you that you hear the melody of your own strong voice today.