So our kiddies have never been sleepers.  Always up several times in the night and never easily get back to sleep.  But lately not only are we not good sleepers..we want to hang out, gab, joke, run and play at all hours of the night.  Well we recently met with our Dr. for an appt, and I mentioned to her that my husband and I are exasperated with this nocturnal chaos.  My dr's response was..well "what are you doing at nightime..what is your routine".  Convinced that I must be doing something wrong I give her a full analysis of nighttime activities.  Bath, pj's, storytime, evening meal list, bedtime variations, evening waking schedule..blah blah blah.  So she says to me.."well the good news is your doing better than you think.  But maybe you just need to stop doing what they want you to do at night!" NOOOO  THAT IS TOO SIMPLE PEOPLE.  I swear as parents..sometimes the most simplistic task is the solution.  If they keep leaving there room...put up a baby gate, if they keep getting into the laundry basket and using it as a boat....THEN PUT IT WHERE THEY CAN"T REACH IT.  If they bite each other..separate them for a little while...OMG.  WHY DIDN"T I THINK OF THAT.  So we stopped doing what they wanted at more "YES MOSTA" (like igor from dracula), no more asking how high when the kiddies say jump..and you know what...IT WORKED.  YEAH  DR. P.  Thanks.  So mommies (and Daddies) Next time you want to analyze your kiddies reason for picking their nose, or biting each other, or you by 3 books on how to get them to sleep or you are ready to call the school psychologist because now their favorite song is about Diarrhea ..maybe it is as simple as 123..(although I recognize sometimes it is anything but).  Yet it is nice to know that sometimes..a fresh perspective can make it just that simple!!!  Enjoy your blissful life and your little kiddies (they do not stay little for long)!  Chin