Today was our first canoe trip as a family of five.  Our oldest has been out with mom and dad but since the middlest and the littlest have not been out yet we thought today (78 degrees in the Adirondacks in April) was  a perfect oppurtunity...ok my husband thought it was a perfect oppurtunity and I more or less went  Don't get me wrong  I like canoeing enough..although I am not much of a swimmer.  My apprehension came from the thought of having all three rembunctious kids in a BOAT ON But my husband who is or has been a certifie lifeguard pretty much was totally confident.  So off we went..and it was sunny and sweet and wonderful.  There was laughter and fishing and water and ....and then we hit our attention span limit and all hell breaks loose.  Now we (and by we I mean the littlest) want to stand in the boat, lean over the side..etc..etc  All in all we survived, we picniced and paddled and had a great time.  If you can owe it to your little ones to get them outdoors at every opputunity.  To teach them that they do not need a TV, CD, MP3 or such to have  nice time, they will fingd much more fulfilling endeavors in Mother Nature's playground.  Enjoy your blissful life and your rambunctious kiddies..Chin