This Blog has seen some true evolution.  It started as a labor of love, born from the needs of a stay at home mom to recapture her writing, to reach out and escape the isolation some of us feel when we are staying at home to care for our small children, to explore her creativity, to share her little corner of the world and lastly but most importantly to accept the gift of insight from her oldest child!  This blog was my oldest son's idea, after listening to me talk at the dinner table about how I was enjoying my time at home with his younger brothers but missing the grown up world as well; he suggested that I start a blog.  Since then he has tutored me,critiqued my writing, and inspired me along with his siblings to follow my bliss.  This post is a thank you to him for yet again helping me with the next phase.  I have decided to streamline this blog and rename it as well.  School with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is going well.  The hard work is worth it and I am meeting great people along the way.  I am looking forward to having my own practice as a health coach;  guiding people to renew themselves by rediscovering what they want and working toward their health and relationship goals; redefining their path and uncovering their healthier self.  This blog has been renamed three ferns after my 3 little ferns, my boys, my loves, and my inspiration and true motivation to be a better  woman, mother, wife, and health coach! As I write this I would like to encourage you to think about how you got where you are right now.  The JOURNEY, and the EVOLUTION.  Who are the little ferns in your life?  Those who inspire you or support you?  Take a minute and show them your thanks.  To that end I will say thanks to YOU for reading my new post.  I hope you check in often to see what new little something we have in store.  Until next time. Many blessings to you and remember to follow your bliss!