Rainy days are so gloomy if you take them at face value.  They  used to leave me sleepy and unmotivated wondering how to keep the kiddies occupied for the day...until I recently had a little  "epiphany".  It occured to me that rainy days are to mommies like winter is to mother earth.  A chance to rest, regroup and get cozied up.  They also provide an oppurtunity to stop and smell the roses (which are getting a good drink:).  Rain does not have to be depressing or tiring, it can be calming and refreshing.  Every outcome in life is dependent largely upon how you react.  So the next rainy day you get with your kids (as long as there is no crazy lightning or dangerous winds)...grab the raincoats..rubber boots (I am partial to the froggy ones..still haven't found an adult size pair) and kiddies and get outside to splash in mud puddles and feel the rain on your face.  Take the day to stay in your cozies and pop popcorn and just read stories or watch cartoons.  Enjoy this occasion just like any other.  Remember that the earth around you is getting what it needs to thrive and grow and in turn so are you and your children.  Choose to be  nourished and refreshed by your rainy days.  Use them as an opputunity to grow closer to your children.  Enjoy your blissful life.