So I think that perhaps..spring is here.  It is a lovely sunny morning in the Adirondacks and the smell of hyacinth is permeating our little house..(I mentioned that I had bought some to plant and with the recent snow was grateful that I had they have bloomed on the windowsil. It is a beautiful day to write and the children are busily playing with red dump trucks.  This spring morning is definitely a scene that should be photographed and framed.  I can't wait to get outside again.  I have already been out for wood (and realized I didn't need as much as I thought) this morning.  Myy girlfriend Melissa, who I have not seen in years is going to be in town this weekend and Sunday is Easter.  I am looking forward to a fun weekend.  Our middlest has just learned to pour a glass of orange juice independently...this is a major accomplishment for a little person who honestly injures themself about once every 1.5 hrs throughout the day.  My aunt is always joking that "That one is going to have you on a 1st name basis with the ER staff"..."Hey Joe...we are in for the usual...yup..I'd love a cup of xray machine...NICE"  Well I am off to get the kiddies outside and get some writing done.  Happy Spring...(yes I know I have said that before).  Chinyere