SO today's post is simply the sharing of a memory.  This is what it is like to be my son and for me to be their mom.  I'm so blessed.  I hope that reading the account of the conversation I had with my youngest child about 3 years ago makes you smile and laugh with tears of happiness like it did me.  #momofboys #gotmomshumor #laughterequalsloveandfreedom

2 separate exchanges in this house today...

Youngest Sloan: (knocking on the bedroom door) Mom..when are you coming downstairs? Can you draw my bath?

Me: (opening aforementioned door-still in towel from shower...because mom can't have 2 minutes to shower Lmao) "yes I'm coming now but may I atleast have a minute to put my own clothes on.?" (slight eye roll AND giggle)

Youngest Sloan: how many minutes?

Me: I don't know let's say 3 (holding up 4 fingers) ..I mean 4 (feeling bashful and confused as my 8 year old notices my inability to count and use my hands in unison)😳

Youngest Sloan: 2.. (we are clearly bargaining now..he's got me where he wants me)😂😂😂

Me: yes yes...I'm wait..4 minutes

Flash forward 4 minutes....

Youngest Sloan: (releasing flatulence and giggling about it) mom are there 2 butt muscles that squeeze to push out farts?

Me: hmmm I haven't really considered the exact anatomy of farting..would you like me to consider the anatomy of farts and get back to you? (Both mom and youngest laughing) 
Youngest Sloan: (Laughing) yes. Please 

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉best gig in the world...being their mom. Omg. I'm totally Laughing as I type