So as it is quiet and everyone in our little home is sleeping except for me I get a chance to think and to write!  Today my oldest son brought home a piece of writing and I was blown away at how amazing a writer he already is and not even in high school yet.  I was also overwhelmed at how similar the two of us are.  Our sense of humor, our gift for writing, our playfulness, the list grows; and yet he is a person all his own.  I remember: the moment I found out I was pregnant, the first day of school, first field trip, first school dance, and now the first beautiful piece of spirited writing! I look at the beautiful evolution of my young man and realize that each and every step if my life has a purpose and momentum that has lead me to this amazing moment. And finally the absolutely astounding thought that I have been blessed enough in my life to have the opportunity to experience these moments with two more amazing children!  So I'll conclude this with the suggestion that as Valentine's Day approaches you give yourself the unique gift of thanks and gratitude for the moments like this that you have had already and the loving hope of those that may happen in your tomorrows. And have a Happy Valentine's Day!