You never know the shoes someone else walks in; you only get a brief walk with them  if you take the time to ask, smile, see, and listen.  Life is filled with the opportunities to make someone else's day brighter and so many times we are too busy to do it. Maybe it seems crazy to compliment a stranger or ask a colleague how they are doing. BUT IT IS WHAT BUILDS OUR COMPASSION BANK AND NURTURES OUR HUMANITY.  DO IT!!! Be the one that compliments the stranger in the checkout line, be the one that shows some extra understanding at the height of your frustration; and when it is all done be proud of who you are..THAT IS OK TOO.  I recently learned of the loss of a sweet soul that I went to school with (well she was a bit younger) and It occurred to me that we exchanged pleasantries regularly; we exchanged numbers and kept in touch on social media, and I sincerely always had the intention to call or say "let's go get coffee!" I missed my chance.  I missed it because I shrugged off the sense that recognized the loneliness and sadness in another living being, a loneliness that is hidden by a pervasive kindness they themself possess and a smile that can hide what can be an insurmountable amount of pain.  So I guess this post is as much for myself as anyone reading. Don't miss your chance to nurture a soul, your own or another's.  To smile and be kind in a world that reminds us all consistently that those things are dying skills of little use.  Don't buy that lie!  It is not true.  Open a door, pay a compliment, leave the quarter in the shopping cart for the next bloke, speak to your kids about kindness, read with them, hold them.  In the long run it may just make all the difference in this little world! Sweet dreams and if you are fortunate enough to wake with the shining of the sun, go after what you want, cherish each breath, and make someone else smile! xoxox

Love Always