Consider the last time you told your kids that you loved them, or that someone told you that they loved you.  It seems that the world has forgotten the effort and committment it takes to love someone.  We say it too easily.  I love you is something that is shown not just said.  Too many times we say to those around us, how much we love them, and yet we hurt them with impunity on a regular basis, speaking with malice when frustrated, or just being indifferent.  If there is one value that I had to choose to pass on to my children it would kind or atleast considerate of those you love EVEN when they frustrate you!  We should thank those who challenge us..because they teach us patience. (Dalai Lama)  Our children are little sponges who soak up every life lesson by example.  They hear us say what we say, but more importantly they see everything that we do, and mostly...that is how they learn...who to be.  I often see parents watch their child disrespect or mistreat another, something as simple as snatching a toy, or hurting someones feelings.  And more often than not, I hear the parent say "..that is not nice, you should not do that.. or please give that back to.." but I also see ALOT of parents fall short of..carting their child over to the other and instructing them to apologize.  What happened to old fashioned consideration, loving your neighbor-Love + consideration= kindness.  It does take effort, but it is worth it in the long run, when you see them recognize a wrong in the future and apologize on their own.  I think that it is important to have the child state.."sorry..I.." what ever they did; because children are not always aware of why they are asked to apologize..they should be clear on what harm they have done. So that the next time they show consideration..and inturn kindness.  Enjoy life..and encourage love and kindness even when it challenges you!!  Your children will thank you later.