It has been a while since my last posting because we have been busy bees.  As I have mentioned before...May is an incredibly hectic month for our family.  We pulled off our first kiddie party in 8 years..and it was splendid.  My friend Rose made fabulous cakes for the occasion and we had pizza for all the kiddies and parents and the children were amazed by their gift  (a sandbox that their dad made).  So now the month of May seems to be coming to a close and the flowers are blooming and the rain is coming every other day.  And I am tremendously thankful for small gifts.  Each time I look out and it is a sunny day, or my little ones ask for hugs and "tisses", or my husband remembers to switch the car seats from car to car...before he leaves for work (big bonus:), I find myself being thankful, and joy filled.  I notice the beautiful pallette of colors in the produce section at the market, and I get excited, and am grateful that I can bring them home for my family.  So I gues my point is easy to be thankful and notice the beauty in the big things, but start looking for the remarkable in the little gifts...and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised quite often!  Take care..and enjoy your blissful life..even when you have to look to find the bliss!