Ok so it occured to me that there are definitely things that I have said as a parent that I never thought would come out of my mouth.  Things that I vowed I would never say....WHATEVER!!!!!! So here it is..."
 YAY....That is a big poopy..great Job"
"Please get your fingers out of his nose"
"are you kidding me..You will scrub the boogers off this wall right now"
"Is that chocolate on your hands?'....ucckkk
"Stop biting me"
"because I said so"
"Is this what 18 hours of bone crunching labor gets me?" 
"How would you like your face to freeze like that"
"Leave that cat's tail alone"
"If you have to choose between the sink and the floor...PLEASE puke in the sink"...Please!

Have a great day and enjoy your blissful life!!!  Chin