It has been a long hiatus.  But we are back and this new season marks some major changes in our lives as a family and in my life as a mommy and a woman.  This year marks the  beginning of a whole new academic stepping stone for one of the youngin'  We now have a tween in the house.  There is a new atmosphere of moodiness and social obligations that I don't think I have ever I remember dances in middle school...must have been.  My poor mother..traipsing out at 9:00 at night in the adirondack cold to get me..well now is my time I suppose (although I am lucky to have a great husband who will do at least one way of pic up  Life has been busy and I have decided that although the anchor of my existence is is not all that i am.   So it is with this revelation that I have recommitted myself to incorporating more of "me" in my life.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  I have become so consumed with adm's (activities of daily mommying) that I had forgotten to take any time to nurture myself . my spirit..and inturn sanity and VERY little time nurturing my marriage.  The more children see their parents in healthy relationships  the more hope they have of having one later on in life themselves.  So there will be some new revelations, questions and maybe advice if I find something that works for us....I will check in next week..See you then:)  Enjoy your blissful life_)  Chin