SO this week is a chaotic tornado of birthdays and big days for me and mine.  The truth is the whole month is!  It's nurse's week (This mama is also a registered nurse WOOT WOOT) at work; and our family is celebrating numerous birthdays. Two of my youngins, my own and my father's birthdays; oh YES and then there is Mother's Day!  I have to say that I should feel totally exhausted, and in many ways I do, but mostly I am thankful.  I'm happy I'm still topside of the ground, happy I have friends who keep me feeling "new" instead of "old", happy my husband and kids are healthy, and happy I have all these celebrations to "deal with" this month. 
 I don't wear my happiness very well during the thick of it however.  In the middle of trying to coordinate Mother's Day, my middlest's birthday, and my own all in the same weekend I can be well....a bit, UNHINGED.  But I have realized this about myself and I am not sure if, in part, it is that chaotic boy energy of a full house that I thrive on; but even at the point that I seem unhinged, there's a secret delight in being needed.  There is joy in making meals (yeah ..I hate kitchen clean up..true story), in the exhaustion of coming home from a job or profession where I feel needed and valuable, to a home where I feel needed and valuable. So tomorrow I turn 34 (yes this is a reversal of numbers, it's 43- but it works so just roll with me here --lol) and even-though "my" May is an exhausting, chaotic, joyful, crazy, infuriating, intoxicating, exhilarating microcosm; I wouldn't have it any other way.  It feels right and I am thankful.  I will leave you with this; for all those moments that you would wish for all the peace and quiet in the world, when you want to go get that loaf of bread at the store 150 miles away just for a quiet drive and no one bugging you-hold on, embrace it, it is fleeting.  Stay and breathe, recognize the beauty of a life fully lived, loved, needed, explored and challenged, and then scream into a pillow if ya need to (cause is just crazy once in a while- this works too).  So I'll say hello and  good morning to you all as a new 43 year old and wish all you mamas Happy Happy Mother's Day tomorrow, enjoy your tranquility, your chaos, your joy, your exhaustion, and your memories new and old.  The years go by too fast.  
xoxo Chinyere