Some days are busy and bright and new ideas come easily (the pen-or computer keys, seems to have a mind and flow of its own when I write).  Some days are dreary and drizzly; and ideas are slow, sludgy and get stuck.  What do you do for your sludgy slow days and what are you doing on the bright and busy ones?  IS there really a difference between the two?  I don't think there is.  Rain and sunlight can bring with them both inspiration and growth.  In fact you NEED both rain and sunshine to grow a garden.  Gardens are akin to stories and ideas; there is purpose, growth, nourishment and beauty in both.  When we plan a garden (yes those of us who are earth lovers know the joy of planning our garden like a wedding or fantastic seasonal event) we make an effort to put beneficial plants within the vicinity of each other, creating little "symbiotic botanical neighborhoods" which thrive on their diversity. There must be dark and light, savory and sweet, and the more variety of species and color the greater the potential for productivity and protection from pests and predators.  Something to think about as you go out and vote today; what ideas will you cultivate in the garden of the world around you? Will you sew seeds that are diverse and beneficial or will you water the weeds that strangle growth.  What you plant will determine your harvest and winter is coming.  I hope for you that it is a plentiful day, be it busy and bright or drizzly and slow; may it include the loving growth that only your unique voice and light can give.  Many blessings.