So we spent another day fishing and enjoying this thing they call "Sunshine".  It has made a reappearance in the Adirondacks and is very welcomed by all.   We ventured about 45 minutes south of where we call home and the kiddies had a great time.  Although there were no fish caught and the "worm..hook thing" was met with mixed reviews..(by vegetarian mommy  We topped off a wonderful day with a cookout with family and although we were all decked out in fleece we still had a great time.  Today there was a fabulous mommy moment that I have to share.  The kiddies had a Helper of a that I mean that the went to the grocery store with me (our two youngest) and held hands, and helped grovcery shop..wonderful listening.  They were awsome and I was so proud that we stopped by daddy's work to tell him how well they had done.  So that is the most recent happening in a nutshell.  Nothing too spectacular, but still ordinarily awesome.  
Enjoy your blissful life.  Chin