I have a question for you?  What do you do to keep growing and going as each year passes?  Do you have passions, pursuits, dreams that you continue to strive for; or have you let life get in the way of your bliss?  One of my passions is writing...and I'm a people person soooooo hence the blog..lol. But new interest peeps (insert drum roll)..one word! UKULELE.   Well I'm working on it and I am determined.  LOL However at my current level of expertise I sound like I'm stumbled on a bunch of marbles and I crashed into the stringed section at a music store.  I'll keep you updated on my progress or well lack there of.  My point is even if it sounds like a violin is dying or you are making music that sounds more like a horror movie than a love story (lol) pick your instrument back up and keep going.  As for me, my fingertips are awfully tender so I'm going to go back to toughening them up on those strings and take a break from beating them up on these keys.  Happy Thursday all!!