So Fall is here.  Sweaters, firewood, campfires and cider.  For many it also represents isolation, cold, and struggle.  Which is it for you?  Once that question is answered; ask yourself another please?  What friends do you have for whom fall represents the latter?  If you find you have one or two or many; use this time of year as an opportunity to reach out with warmth and kindness, maybe bring that extra bit of stew or banana bread over and have even a 5 minute chat; take one extra along for that walk your headed out for.  It makes all the difference.  If you are unable to do that a simple text can change the course of a day.  Something as simple as "miss your face" can bring a smile.  I'll be back.  With love and blessings to anyone reading have a wonderful weekend and I hope that if you are missing anyone's smile; get out there and let them know while you still can!