Well I've been thinking about what subject to cover in this entry.  I realized today I will just embrace being..which means nothing too special.  No holiday, no major life decision, just sitting in my living room watching my youngest child and thinking..ahhhhh.  Perhaps this is my chance to exhale for the day.  It is rare..usually I wait and hope for the end of the evening chance..just a few moments of self time when everyone else is squared away or happily asleep in our little home. But on this rare quiet Tuesday afternoon I am getting an early chance to exhale.  I have not been entirely on point today, have not cleaned as much as I had planned, dinner has not been started yet and should have at least been prepped 30 minutes ago, one of the dogs is sleeping by my feet and needs her afternoon outing still.  But I am taking this chance to just appreciate being, breathing, my imperfectly scheduled day.  It is in being that we can begin..to understand, to embrace, to challenge and to face...whatever lies in the moments ahead.  So I encourage you to take this moment..to exhale..ahhhh. Now Pick your shoulders back up and get to it..lol..Have a wonderful day! In the upcoming entries I will start covering some easy healthy recipes for dinner!  So please stay tuned.   Many Blessings.  Chinyere