I have to tell you; I am astounded by the amount of people who seize the holiday season to show their wealth and prosperity; the amount of people who have the motivation of a politician during campaign season and get hung up on how much a gift was or how many gifts to give each person (the gift counters), and those who only make time for their circle (of loved ones) during holiday breaks.  The world would be so much better off if giving to others was a year round practice.  NOT something reserved for a few holidays of the year.  Why not celebrate small acts of kindness and generosity throughout 365 days instead of 15?  Have a picnic with "your person" or people every sunny day you can get.  Give flowers or pick flowers or hell even plant flowers for someone when they are alive and happy and don't wait for funerals, or valentine's day.  Share a shopping cart and don't get your quarter back.  Wake up and the first person you have thought of should be told "you know what..I opened my eyes and the first conscious thought I had was of you".   Make every day you can a holiday. Play hookie and take a day off for no other reason than to see someone or something that makes you happy or who you can bring happiness to.  Hold on to who and what makes your life better and let them know.  BECAUSE...as Kahlil Gibran wrote “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”  Life is short and the experiences and you and the people in your life that make it vibrant and beautiful are only truly here for a whisper of time.  You never know when it will end or truthfully when it's beautiful and awesome spark actually begins. Follow your bliss everyday and embrace whatever love and happiness you may.  Many many blessings to you during every season.