Life’s changes are inevitable.  The good, the bad, the ugly. What you choose to change and what changes you are the  efining factors of your character and resiliency.  I have been one lucky gal.  I have 2 jobs that I love and I have been blessed with a love for the written word; a cathartic medium that allows me to connect with others,  to learn, and to heal in many ways.  Today I decided to take a step back and slow it down.  For me that means more
time with the family, less time at the office, and getting back to my witchy, earth mama, soul
grounded self.  The cost is the unknown, and the heartbreaking truth of letting go just a little.  What have you let go of to rediscover yourself?  Have you?  Are you thinking about it? Should you? Much love and gratitude to
You for reading and coming back again!  Blessed be.