I sit here on this beautiful “Summery” day and count my blessings.  Life has brought with it some major challenges of late. Now I could sit here and tell you about the ins and the outs.  The who, the what, the where, and the why.  I could explain or try to explain what choices led to personal adversity and what circumstances led to those poor choices.  I won’t.  The reason for this post is that I have recently been reminded that life brings with it bumps.  It’s never a smooth path of perfection.  Otherwise how would we learn, how would we strive, and how in the world would we ever become better that what we are?  How would we differentiate between peace and joy or despair and desolation.  The paradox must exist in order for the human condition to evolve.  It is during adversity, upheaval, and re-evaluation that our compassion, our resilience, and our capacity to withstand the judgment (or self perceived judgement) of others is tested.  So I leave you with this; because currently it is my lesson.  No one can look at you and say you are unworthy of love, kindness, dignity, or respect.  If they feel they can; eliminate them from the circle you surround yourself with.  Choose to get up in the morning, be grateful if for nothing else than that you can and that each day brings a new opportunity for growth and redemption.  When you are lonely, reach out.  When you see someone else lonely or in pain; reach out.  To comfort someone else when you feel you have little to give can be empowering and cathartic.  Love, laugh, love, love, love, live and grow.  But most of all.  Do not give up on the life given to you.  You have purpose, you have reason, you are loved.  Enjoy the sun and bask in the moon.  Xoxox

  • Chinyere