The month of may is a busy month for our little clan.   The month of  April ends with the birthdays of my mother and niece and then May reigns in the birthdays of 4 family members along with mother's day.  Wow.  You might think that this is an aweful time, running back and forth to parties, planning the perfect gift.  Trying to not gain 50 lbs from birthday cake or trying to bake 5 of them.  To the contrary, May is so much fun for us.  No doubt it is very hectic, but it is almost a whole month that we focus on how thankful we are to be celebrate another year together, how happy we are to gather with  family andfriends and  each gathering is a happy one.  Thankfully it is not a sad occasion,but a happy one that brings us together over and over this month.  The buds are on the trees, the sun is shining (more often than the preceding months usually) and the temperature is usually on the rise.  Plus Spring is in the air!  So today is a birthday party, and tomorrow is May 1st.  Yipee.  Next time you celebrate a birthday, no matter how hectic, how stressed you are, or how old you feel; whether it is yours or your child's or someone you love....remember what a blessing it is to have yet another one...and savor it because there is most certainly someone who is waking up today..or is not..who would give anything to have just one more birthday with someone they love.  Take care and have a great day and enjoy your blissful life!!!