We recently took our children to the Syracuse Zoo and had a fabulous time.  It was truly something wonderful to watch.  Them putting real animals in their treasure trove of memories.  An elephant, a tiger, monkeys...all there storybook animals came to life..and even our oldest was quietly impressed.  There are moments in life which are marked by the amazement you see in your children and the part you have to play in it.  What was a simple and actually inexpensive trip to the zoo was something that none of us are likely to forget.  For all the snapshots that I take with a camera I am reminded that they are taken for a very distinct purpose.  To chronicle the snapshots in my mind....to someday pull out of a box when (If i am lucky) I am old and grey and want to be reminded.  My snapshots of that day...watching the kids with there grandmother with a beautiful asian elephant walking in the background,  one of my best friends chasing our middlest and teasing our oldest...a flash of green sweatshirt here and there, sunshine on clean and shiny black hair, small smiles and tiny feet,  my husband carrying the littlest and pushing a double stroller at the same time, little hands trying to maneuver dippin' dots into a spoon, and the sight of the world through my camera.  What a beautiful day.  Have the same...and create memories every chance you get.  Enjoy your blissful life!