It is very nice that there is a day set aside to celebrate mommies, but our job lasts our entire life...from the moment we give birth to the day we take our last breath....we are moms.    From the birth of your first child to forever, you become focused and consumed with how to best provide what they need for their health, happiness and well being!! I recently saw that an online web site did the wage calculation for what a stay at home mom should earn, and it was 177,000+ dollars, and 77,000+ for moms at work .  So mommies there is our worldly confirmation for what we already know.  So the next time you want that little pair of earrings, or the occasional latte on your way home from running errands, or that fabulous pair of shoes for your child's wedding, graduation. or the office party.etc, you go girl...get two.  and if anyone in the world hassles you about doing something that you enjoy that has not been done for you!!!  Tell em...take it out of my pay!!  Have a happy, safe and blessed mother's day!!