Expert Authority eBook – Your road to Kindle and eBook self-publishing success!

As a empowered authority in your field, do you want to boost your credibility by self-publishing a Kindle or other eBook?

Discover Expert Authority eBook, a package of Done-For-You self-publishing services, designed to significantly enhance your presence and success as an expert in your Zone of Genius.

Our service has been created to amplify your impact, maximize your eBook’s profitability, and solidify your credibility by using a powerful tool – Kindle and eBook self-publishing.

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Who is it for?

Expert Authority eBook is specifically tailored for those delving into the world of Kindle and eBook self-publishing, including:

  • First-Time eBook Writers: For those embarking on their initial journey into the world of digital book self-publishing.
  • Self-Publishing Starters: Tailormade for individuals taking their first steps in self-publishing on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).
  • Digital Storytelling Novices: Ideal for writers who are new to crafting narratives in the eBook format.

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What it can provide for you

  • Customized Editing and Design: Experience bespoke editing and get captivating book covers and layouts that stand out.
  • Guided Kindle & eBook Self-publishing Services: Navigate Kindle & eBook self-publishing with comprehensive support every step of the way.
  • Strategic Marketing Insights: Master techniques to increase your book’s visibility and reader appeal.
  • Ongoing Aftercare Support: Receive an archive of all project materials as well as responsive support, ensuring a smooth process even after your book is launched.
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Establish your authority as the expert that you are

Expert Authority eBook enables you to easily and affordably stake your claim as the Go-To Guru in your field of expertise.

Build your credibility and assert your authority with this eBook self-publishing package!

Have full control over your self-publishing

Expert Authority eBook gives you full control over self-publishing your Kindle or other eBook.

It’s a fully guided package of Done-For-You services from start to finish as we implement every step of self-publishing your eBook on your behalf.

Your eBook self-publishing dream made easy

This package offers complete services for eBook self-publishing.

Whether you’re improving a book or starting a new one, we help with both digital and print versions.

We’re your helpful guides to eBook writing

We understand the challenges of writing amidst busy schedules and offer support with a complimentary client-only Writer’s Group each week on Zoom.

It’s a straightforward, effective way to finally get your eBook written. Accountability and dedicated writing time can be just the recipe for success that you need!